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Ben Pluimer is an Emmy nominated director and writer in Los Angeles.

He was born and raised in South Dakota where he cut his teeth shooting everything he could on his family’s beat up VHS camcorder. These videos mostly ended up being him and his friends tearing around town to Beastie Boys songs. More recently, he’s been working as a director & writer in TV and commercials.

He has directed projects for Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, ABC, Fox, A&E, USA, TruTV, Syfy, VH1, Fullscreen, Red Hour Films, Channel 101, E!, Go90, AT&T Hello Labs, WWE Network, Ford, Taco Bell, Mars Inc, Mattel, Subaru, AT&T, Black & Decker, Harley Davidson, AOL, Jenn-Air, Funny or Die, VEVO, idea farmer, Studio71, VisitCA, Endemol Beyond, and more.

BLACK BOX - 424-258-4204
LOWELL SHAPIRO - ls@blackboxmgmt.com
MIKE DILL - md@blackboxmgmt.com


Personal Contact - ben.pluimer@gmail.com